Launch Community Terms & Conditions

In requesting participation in the .kiwi Launch Community ("Launch Community"), you ("the Applicant") acknowledge receipt and acceptance of these terms and conditions as set forth by the registry, Dot Kiwi Limited ("DKL").

  • Conditions of Launch Community Membership

    1.1. The Applicant warrants that he or she is unaware of any pre-existing intellectual property rights, or other rights, infringed by the domain name(s) requested. DKL will comply and give full effect to any court order served on DKL relating to infringement of intellectual property rights resulting from reservation of domain name(s) under the Launch Community program.

    1.2. DKL will promptly notify the Applicant of the ineligibility, if applicable, of any Restricted, Reserved, Blocked, or ineligible Trademark-protected domain names included in the Applicant’s Launch Community application, as defined on the DKL website (

    1.3. The Applicant acknowledges that all .kiwi Premium Names are ineligible for inclusion in the Launch Community program. Applicant will be promptly informed of any .kiwi Premium Name applied for by the Applicant, and provided with a revised price and an option to continue with reservation.

    1.4. DKL warrants that no information received as a result of the Launch Community program shall be used in determining the content of the .kiwi Premium Names list.

    1.5. The Applicant recognizes that DKL must adhere to ICANN regulations requiring the recognition of intellectual property rights, including but not limited to providing dispute resolution mechanisms such as Uniform Rapid Suspension and the Uniform Domain-Name Dispute Resolution Policy.

    1.6. Domain name(s) requested as part of the Launch Community shall be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. Applications will be time stamped with the date of their receipt.

    1.7. Domain name reservations shall be allocated at the sole discretion of DKL.

  • Conditions of Domain Name Registration ("Activation")

    2.1. The Applicant acknowledges that participation in the Launch Community includes the reservation until Activation of approved .kiwi domain name(s).

    2.2. DKL will not accept reservations from multiple applicants for the same domain name(s).

    2.3. The Applicant acknowledges that Activation of domain name(s) reserved as part of the Launch Community will be subsequent to the allocation and registration of Trademark protected domain names (Estimated for March, 2014).

  • Deposits & Fees

    3.1. Launch Community applications will only be accepted upon the receipt of the agreed-upon deposit.

    3.2. DKL will provide the Applicant with a detailed invoice including these Terms and Conditions verifying the domain name(s) reserved, along with any additional benefits as stipulated.

    3.3. Upon successful Activation of the domain name, deposits received by DKL will be applied to the agreed upon purchase price for a three (3) year term.

    3.4. Upon any amendment to ICANN policies that restrict the rights of the Applicant to the reserved domain name(s), the Applicant will be entitled to a full refund of the deposit, until such time as Activation of the reserved domain name(s) occurs.

    3.5. The Applicant acknowledges that the date of Activation is an informed estimate of DKL, and that it may be subject to change. DKL will promptly inform the Applicant of any change to the estimated Activation date as required.

    3.6. The Applicant will be entitled to a full refund of the deposit as a result of amendments to ICANN policies that have the effect of delaying the Activation date of the Applicant’s reserved domain name(s) in excess of one calendar month.